Ubuntu Checklist

While not all-encompassing this checklist should provide some guidance on how to approach securing a Ubuntu system. The applicable operating system version is noted at the top of the checklist. The layout of this checklist is meant as a castle defense. It is arranged to protect and operating system from the outside in buying blue team operators time to preform hardening activities and implement appropriate counter measures.

  • Firewall
  • Network
  • Users
  • Services
  • Applications
  • Files
  • Special Considerations


The firewall is a literal wall between the the fire and the host. The origination of the term firewall comes from industry where it was used to separate compartments.

In Ubuntu we access the firewall by issuing the following command.

sudo ufw

This command is used withe the Uncomplicated FireWall (ufw) application. UFW requires three flags to be set for a given configuration