President’s Cup


History of the President’s Cup.

The Cochise College Presidents Cup is a Cyber Defense competition styled after the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC). From its humble origins with just three teams participating in the competition. Now each year 16 to 20 middle school and high school teams participate in the competition. As time has progressed so has the complexity and expectations of the competition.


Competition Overview

Historically the President’s Cup has consisted of two divisions, the High School and Middle school, there are two trophies but only one winning team in each category. The next season of the Presidents Cup will hopefully include the first Collegiate Competition.

Competitors are given 6 hours and tasked with maintaining, securing and defending a network. Having to balance the elements of the Confidential Integrity Availability (C-I-A) triad all while warding off attackers realizes a real-world strain on student competitors.

Competition Teams: The President’s Cup is broken up into several different groups to manage the flow of events. Each team illustrates a function within the real world or purely within the competition space. Teams and thier roles are structured in the following manner:

  • Blue Team
    • Defenders (the competing teams), working to secure and maintain their competition networks for the duration of the event.
  • Red Team Aggressors, working to compromise and attack defenders and test the security configurations of Blue Team systems.
  • White Team
    • Competition staff that runs the network support operations and evaluates team performance, and supports team operations within the competition networks.
  • Green Team
    • Serves as local judges for each team they are there to assure fairness and act as a go between for Blue Team, Red Team, and White teams.
  • Gold Team
    • Competition staff makes the final decisions for the entire competition.

Quantifying Round

The qualifying round is used to qualify teams for participation in the Network Challenge:

Network Challenge Round

The network challenge round has two major segments the Cisco Packet Tracer Networking Puzzle, and the Network Challenge.

The Cisco Packet Tracer Puzzle is used to test a team’s skill in evaluating securing and extending network capabilities within a small business network.

The Network Challenge round simulates a small business network, competitors are tasked with securing and configuring a network in addition to managing special tasks “injects” through out the competition.


Teams are evaluate through out the exercise by their ability to maintain their Service Level Agreements (SLA) and ability to complete the Injects.